jeudi 21 juin 2012

Dust yourself off and try again.

 Sugar Daddy, my private angel :

I think when you turn it into a book the question will be about the moral of the story.
I think the moral is : t'es une femme formidable!
Marrante, jolie, who isn't afraid of going for it, of having feelings.

I really liked when you said the thing about why is it that we're ashamed to let someone know how we feel.
That's a big deal. Especially for someone experiencing stuff for the first time. But the thing is it's a big deal for old folks too!
So the moral is: even if an adventure doesn't turn out the way you wanted in the end, it's still an adventure!
And adventures are fun! They're what living a full life is made of.
But they involve risk. 
And they're not like the happy endings in US movies and songs and tv shows.
No risk no gain.
And in the end you have wonderful stories and memories. 
Even if they're a little rough sometimes. (la fille qui a lu tes lettres d'amour à tout le monde!! c'est atroce!)
But "rough" is also texture.
In the end you come out sounding like a great, thoughtful, funny person. 
And any boy who reads it will fall instantly in love with you!
And any girl who reads it will be like "YEAH! boys are dumb assholes". Haha. 

On another note, this expression came to mind when i was thinking about your blog:
"If at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again"
So, I decided your nickname for me will be...."dust yourself off girl!"
Or, "dusty" for short.
The other thing that came to mind was that you need to not be the dusty one all the time.
You should make guys work harder.
I worked hard!
You should throw dust in their face sometimes and see if they want to dust themselves off and try again.
Make them show how much they want it!

You're not easy, you're nice.
Fatal flaw.
Something to hide for a while and only reveal once they accept you for the good and the bad.
And you're a dreamer.
That's quite nice.
But dreamers can be played pretty easily.

Don't change a thing. Just make them work.


Sugar : I LOVE YOU.
(Will you marry me ?) (I'm kidding). (Will you, though ?)
(And you definitely are this blog's hero now !).
(Any girl who reads it will fall instantly in love with you ! ).

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  1. Ben, voilà! On te le disait mais tu ne voulais pas nous croire, non mais!:)